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The story about us

After being a part of building the first and second indoor skydiving centres in Sweden, we saw the potential to expand the business abroad and offer our system it to the world. In parallel to this our partner Zitrón asked us to be their representatives in Sweden for big ventilation projects such as road tunnels, metro, mining and more. The partners have different abilities and backgrounds such as professional skydiving, mining industry, finance and entrepreneurship. Together we claim to have the perfect mixture to give the best outcome for our customers. Our vision is to provide the best wind in the world, for indoor skydiving worldwide as well as big ventilation projects in Sweden.

A few things we’re great at

We specialize in building Indoor Skydiving/Bodyflight concepts worldwide. We offer a top modern Swedish engineered wind tunnel system that is acknowledged as the best in the world. The system can either be integrated in existing buildings or fully planned from scratch for new constructions. After being a part of creating the success story of Bodyflight Stockholm we decided to move on to the international scene. Together with our partner Zitrón we also develop and deliver high end fans for the mining industry, safe and effective ventilation systems for underground infrastructures.

Our Services 

We love the air & the wind. Our services are all about the best wind and great ventilation.

BIG Ventilation Projects

Together with our partner Zitrón, we develop and deliver innovative bespoke ventilation solutions for the mining industry. We also develop and deliver safe and effective tunnel ventilation systems for road tunnels, underground railways and metros.  

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Indoor Skydiving Technology

We specializes in building Indoor Skydiving &  Bodyflight concepts worldwide.  We offer a top modern Swedish engineered windtunnel systems which are acknowledged as the best in the world. 

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