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Big Ventilation Projects

Big Ventilation Projects

Together with our partner Zitrón, we develop and deliver high end fans for the mining industry. We also develop and deliver safe and effective ventilation systems for undergrounds & tunnels.





Turnkey Solutions


We deliver bespoke ventilation solutions that are specifically designed in accordance with the latest explosion-proof regulations for coal mines; transport, drilling and lifting equipment, as well as their commissioning.

Underground Infrastructures

A safe and effective ventilation system is vital in underground tunnels and stations or in railway tunnels: in normal situations, the ventilation system is responsible for renewing the air and controlling the temperature at the stations. In exceptional cases, such as when a fire breaks out, the system must ensure the evacuation routes are free from smoke, ensuring safe and breathable air. Together with our partner Zitrón we use specialized software and Zitrón’s Test Bench, the world’s biggest laboratory, certified by AMCA for testing fans at full load and 100 % speed which, together with the experience and know-how of our experts, addresses each project individually to offer the safest and most efficient solution.


Together with Zitrón we develop tunnel ventilation systems within the parameters of each project to offer the most effective and safest solution, always guaranteeing a breathable air supply even under the most adverse conditions. Axial fans designed to work in both directions; ventilation channels and chambers; manual or remote ventilation control; safety modules.